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I have contributed to many international projects that gathered renowned corporations (Robert Bosch, British Telecom, Ericsson, ON Semiconductors, Triquint Semiconductors, Infineon Technologies, Cadence Design Systems and other) and renowned universities (University of Cambridge, K. U. Leuven and other).

Some of the projects I have contributed to are:

  • Large national research project INRFID (
    • Technical director overseeing all the technical innovations in this high-tech research project.
  • 4M Euro FP6 European Commission project ROBUSPIC (“ROBUst mixed signal design methodologies for Smart Power ICs”)

– The partners were AMI Semiconductors, BOSCH, Cadence, CamSemi, EPFL, IMEC, KU Leuven, University of Cambridge and University of Zagreb.  The goal was to to develop new, highly robust tools to design and characterize smart power devices and circuits.

– Developed a smart power device and circuit simulation strategy that enables designers to include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) simulations in the design flow. 

  • ​​​​MEDEA+ project Parachute – EMC2 (“Parasitic extraction and optimization for efficient microelectronic system design and application”)

​- The list of partners is available here. We were subcontractors of ON Semiconductors. The goal of the MEDEA+ PARACHUTE project was developing top-down extraction, modelling and analysis, and design methods linking device and systems development more strongly than ever before.

​-  Contributed to the many RF and microwave models of SMD components and PCB tracks. 

  • ​ IWT CATRENE project GoldenGates (“Improvement of ElectroMagnetic Reliability System Performance by applying ElectroMagnetic Synergy”)

–  The partners were ON Semiconductors, Melexis, KU Leuven and University of Gent.  We were subcontractors of ON Semiconductors. Our goal was to develop new models and tools in the field of electromagnetic compatibility of automotive electronics.

  • TRANSWEB project (“Transfer of design knowledge on Web-based instruments”).

– Partners were University of Gent and University of Zagreb. The goal was to design a low cost vector network analyser (VNA) 

– Designed a Java application for the the de-embedding of VNA measurements and also a GUI and network interface for distributed measurements. ​

  • ​ “Signal Integrity of Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits”, (Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports supported project No. 036-0361621-1622)

–  The aim was developing the methods that will allow accurate measurement, modelling and estimation of the switching currents either caused by substrate or interconnect coupling without a priori knowledge of the exact technology data of the process being used in chip processing.

 –  Developed EMC-aware design flow that enables circuit optimization with respect to EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). Built several models for packages and PCBs.

  • “Semiconductor Device Modeling and High-Speed Circuit Design” (Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports supported project No. 0036027)